It all started as a Halloween costume for my wife Jen and me so we could coordinate with our wee corgi, Miso.


And at some point, we decided to take them travelling and things have really picked up from there.

Donning the dogs has almost become a lifestyle and definitely is an amazing way to make new friends while exploring new places.

They even made a surprise appearance during our wedding ceremony!

People often ask us why we do it and really the only answer is that it’s just for fun. Fun for fun’s sake, a bit of silliness and smiles to share with everyone in our lives but especially our Grams.

Wherever our adventures take us, we try to send Grams a hot dog pic as soon as possible so she knows we’re safe and to make her smile.

It’s the perfect reminder to not take things too seriously and to find more opportunities to be silly. Follow along on our adventures at #hotdogswerehere on Instagram.